James Lorentson UX Design

Design Process

Design process

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Discover aspects of the business opportunity, the audience and the competition.  Depending on the project, I'll conduct quantitative and qualitative user research to understand user behavior and needs.

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Define and specify the challenge.  Ideate ways of solving the problem and generate as many ideas as possible.  

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Choose and combine the best ideas and shape them further.  Create a realistic prototype.

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Test this prototype using 5-6 people from the target group.  Iterate.

Design Thinking & Design Sprints

Design Thinking Diagram

Design Thinking Diagram

My specific process combines Design Thinking with Design Sprints, but there are also synergies and overlap with Agile development principles and Lean UX as well.  My priority is identifying needs and developing the right solutions with constant testing and iterations. 

Think of Design Thinking as the mindset and the philosophy for creative problem-solving, whereas the Design Sprint is a 5-day step-by-step system for testing ideas and executing the Design Thinking philosophy.  



Constant improvement

Design Sprint Diagram

Design Sprint Diagram

Design is fundamentally about problem-solving and improvement.  I am always buzzing with ideas to make things better.  I’m a good listener, observant, and highly attuned to people's needs.  And with that awareness comes the ability to recognize patterns, notice areas for improvement and eventually evolve ideas forward.  Smart, impactful design happens when you pay attention to the nuances that affect people. 

During the design process, we'll identify areas that needed to be improved in order to elevate the user experience on the platform.  Things like:

  • Usability (discoverability, navigation, UI standards)
  • Consistency (UI design, interaction design)
  • Workflow (user flow, interaction design, efficiency)
  • Brand perception (quality, trust, confidence)